Piss against the wall

Piss against the wall

Piss against the wall I just wouldn't bang a gong about the rephrasing of the original text to say "males" here. Would God fear questons? You know, there are different numbers that represent different things in the Bible? It has been a while between reading and posting here. It has really convicted my souls as well as encouraged me. If you pisseth against the wall, thine walls shall reek nigh unto heaven of thine piss. The Sailing Site Definition of 'piss' Arguments both entertaining and cogent make it a pleasure to read. Get Started Today's posts Unanswered posts. III [New] Post a picture of yourself, unedited and the first picture And when you get really ambitious, you can preach a sermon about eating shit and drinking piss. Looking for a new chandelier? The KJV is the only one of my many bibles that renders the translation this way. Jimmy, Jimmy said, Fundamentalists of all stripes like to cling to the absurd, whether Christian, Jewish Hip and Thigh: The KJV-only He-man Woman Hater's Club You see that in the Bible. Find all posts by Nobar King. Fred, are you Roman Catholic? American Oriental Society, ]. Either way, the awesome factor increases…. Fred, Have you been listening to Mark Driscoll alot? Hunchey Follow 2 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Hunchey. Now will you people please take the Bible in context because the "pisseth against the wall" sermon is nothing more than taking things out of context. In short, God is describing that He considers sinful men as abhorrent as human waste and do consider 1 Kings 4: Now, what most folks don't know is that the KJV does the same thing with idioms as modern translators do. She had the children eating vegetables at age 2 and staying calm in church at age 4,718 Views Best of the Web Comments dkfigueiredo +7 Points December 8, 2018 she is awesome, soo lovely and adorable ... wasd123 +6 Points October 27, 2018 2 beauties, well done. zimvader2 +1 Points June 16, 2018 SUPER tijelo ima starka bravo gianna-love +9 Points August 1, 2018 If she was a proper whore! Mooji +8 Points February 11, 2018 Awesome! Thx for sharing, thumbs up! liolik +0 Points April 6, 2018 MMM SHE LOVES THAT COCK Olhante +0 Points August 19, 2018 Fuck...

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Piss against the wall